The first field assignment a To Every Tribe missionary has is to serve on a church planting team in Northern Mexico. During this first two year term, our missionaries are trained, guided, and mentored by veteran missionaries and church planters. We help our missionaries learn how to cross a culture, be fruitful in mission, endure on the field, share the gospel, make disciples, and strategically plant churches. Throughout their first two years, our missionaries are involved in Mexico trips and debriefs, One-to-One mentoring, and Spring Trips to other To Every Tribe mission fields. One year of the training is focused on the Mission and the other on the Missionary. Below is an overview of the classroom training for each of those years.

Training overview

Missionary Year

How to endure in the mission

Church Planting: Personal Readiness

  • The Missionary Identity:
    Finding Your Identity in Christ

  • Theology of Risk, Faith and Adventure

  • Northern Mexico Training

Perseverance in Mission

  • Missionary Attrition:
    Individuals, Marriages, and Children

  • Relating to Your Sending Church

Theology & Exposition in Mission

  • Theology: Creation, Lordship of Christ,
    Holy Spirit, and the Cross

  • Exposition in Mission: Poetry  

  • Exposition in Mission: Old Testament

  • Exposition in Mission: Prophecy

Team Building

  • Successful Team Building

  • Understanding Your Ministry Traits

The Gospel

  • Gospel Theology

Spiritual Warfare

  • Overview of Spiritual Warfare

  • Spiritual Disciplines for Missionaries

Truth in Life

  • Living and Working Cross-culturally

  • Theology Leading to Love


Mission Year

How to be fruitful in the mission

Keys to Pioneer Church Planting

  • Business as Mission & Creative Access Mission

  • Principles of Pioneer Church Planting

  • Managing Missionary Risk

  • Northern Mexico Training

Crossing Cultures

  • Crossing Cultures in Scripture  

  • Communicating Christ Cross-culturally

Cross-cultural Disciple-making

  • 8 Phases of Pioneer Church Planting

  • Administration and Church Planting

Cultural Analysis

  • Contextualization & Syncretism

  • Cultural Exegesis - the Bible


  • Surface and Deep Culture Analysis

  • Cultural Exegesis - Ethnodoxology

Evangelism & Apologetics

  • Mission Apologetics

  • Understanding Islam


  • Global Ecclesiology

  • The Nature of the Church

Exposition in Mission: New Testament

  • Oral Bible Storying

  • Exposition in Mission: The Gospels

  • Exposition in Mission: Prophecy