The first field assignment a To Every Tribe missionary has is to serve on a church planting teaming in Northern Mexico, unless the missionary has previous cross-cultural church planting experience. During this first term, our missionaries are trained, guided, and mentored by veteran missionaries and church planters. We help our missionaries learn how to cross a culture, be fruitful in mission, endure on the field, share the gospel, make disciples, and plant churches.

Training overview

Missionary Year
Church Planting: Personal Readiness
Endurance in Mission
Exposition in Mission Old Testament
Team Building
The Gospel
Spring Mission Trips
Spiritual Warfare
Biblical Counseling
Marriage and Family

Mission Year
Church Planting: Keys to Pioneer Church Planting
Crossing Culture
Cross-cultural Disciple-making
Cultural Analysis
Assimilation into a Culture
Evangelism and Apologetics
Spring Mission Trips
Global Ecclesiology
Exposition in Mission New Testament