Just a Little While Longer

png-christmasOne year ago today we arrived in our new city in our new country on our new hemisphere.

It’s been a year of joy and learning, disappointment and growth, of seeing that Jesus is our Rock when everything else is seemingly spinning out of control, that He really is the only thing we can count on. And there have been times when we’ve forgotten that and despaired.

We’ve seen laughter and tears from our children, been through sickness and health, experienced a new culture and learned a new language. We’ve had successes and failures.

And now it’s Advent.

As we decorated our Christmas tree last night (pictured above), I kept being drawn to the idea of waiting, which is what the season is all about. Here we all are, in this already-not-yet place, and it hurts, and it’s difficult, and we want to move on. But Jesus is whispering to us, “Just a little while longer. You’ll see. My father is good, and I love you so much more than you know. I’m here, even when it’s dark, even when you forget what it is you’re waiting for, even when you don’t love me. This world is not your home, so cling to me. There is hope. I will not leave you. Only remember this.”

What a year it’s been. How thankful we are for God’s unfailing love toward us and for his mighty hand of providence which takes us places we never would have chosen to go, but holds us fast in a beautiful embrace.


The Radicals Who Stay

Radical Stayers3Who is the most radical person you know? I once knew a man who was constantly trying to convince people that he and they should quit their jobs, sell everything they have, and just do evangelism all day, everyday. This was his idea of radical. This was his idea of what he thought Jesus meant when he told the rich young ruler to sell all his possessions, give to the poor, and follow Jesus (Matthew 19:16-22). This was what he thought Jesus’ point was when he told the story of the rich fool who built new store houses to store up all his grain for himself to live on for years to come (Luke 12:13-20). My friend also believed the other way you could be radical for Jesus was to become a missionary. More