Lessons Learned on a Training Trip

at the garden - Copy

Many PNG natives work almost constantly in their gardens. Photo by Dustin Greenup.

From mid-February to mid-March a team of Missionary Trainees from To Every Tribe’s Center for Pioneer Church Planting (CPCP) spent time living, ministering, and learning in Goroka, Papua New Guinea (PNG) alongside To Every Tribe Field-based Missionaries, Alex and Kelley Sisson. Part of our training and ministry was to observe and learn from the national believers and pastors who are along the front lines of ministry to the unreached in the highlands of PNG. There are many life-changing truths I learned over this three-week period, but I will use this article to share a few of the lessons the Lord graciously taught me. More

New Covenant Theology & Missions

Of what benefit is a good handle on New Covenant Theology (NCT) for the missionary? More could be said, but four points come to mind. All Christians have been taught out of one of three frameworks: Dispensationalism, Covenant Theology, or New Covenant Theology. There are variations within, but all Christians will fall into one of these three “biblical-theological” systems, whether they know the labels or not. So first, it is good to examine our own presuppositions about the Bible and continually seek to align them with the authors of Scripture. If ours are at odds with theirs, this will lead to faulty thinking, living, teaching, and method. Theology drives methodology, so it is always good to make sure our theology is based on solid exegesis. The better our mastery of the Scriptures, the more effective missionaries we will be. It is really a matter of worldview formation! More