What We Believe Really Matters

Garry ArticleHave you ever heard this said about a professing Christian? ”He doesn’t practice what he preaches.”  I suppose we all have been accused of that at one time or another. The thing that is so troubling about this particular accusation is that it’s true! We may be accused of a thousand and one things that are completely untrue. However, this is not one of them. We really don’t always practice what we preach. The Bible that we preach is a revelation of a perfect God in whom is “no darkness at all” (1 John 1:5). The effects of the fall have left us incapable (in this life at least) of perfect obedience to the high precepts and unreachable demands of Holy Scripture. Our problem in this regard is that although our fallen natures have not been eradicated by the new birth, we are nevertheless sent to the nations to declare glorious truths and lofty concepts. And since there is little or no impediment to our talking better than we live, we become guilty as charged. More

What Missionaries Can Learn From 1 Thessalonians

1 ThessHave you ever spent significant time studying Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonian church? Most of us have not. It is often a forgotten letter lost in the pages between Colossians and 1 Timothy. However, last week in the Center for Pioneer Church Planting our missionary trainees discovered many of the riches of this letter as well as why it is important for pioneer missionaries to know.

As missionaries we can learn a lot from this letter. Some brief observations are listed below: More