The Global Gospel

Global GospelWhy missions?

Why go somewhere geographically hard to reach to tell people that might want to kill you about a God they want nothing to do with? I think it’s a good honest question. Unless there is more to the story, that sounds like a pretty bad idea. There is a phrase we like to use around here at To Every Tribe: “Jesus is worth it.” It’s true. Jesus is worth dying the most gruesome death by the most hateful people. But why put ourselves in a situation where that would be necessary? I would gladly take a bullet for my wife or girls, but I am not actively seeking a scenario where I would need to, nor would I be a better husband or father if I did.

So still I ask, why foreign missions? Sure Jesus is worth dying for… Is missions worth dying for? Why missions to hard to reach places? Is that different or better than evangelism in our own American cities? Can’t we just be content with making a whole lot of disciples here? Why all the attention on the yet unreached peoples worshipping Christ too? More

Undercover: World of Animism

Sitton AnimismAnimism is the most widely practiced religion in the world. A vast majority of the world’s nearly seven billion inhabitants are actively involved in some variety of this spiritualistic worldview. Animism(1) may also be the most subtle aspect within the major world religions, reshaping itself into countless mutations and blending (aka “syncretism”) into virtually every religious expression across the planet, including North America. More