Reckless Abandon: For Christ & For the Gospel

chinese tankThe summer siege on Tiananmen Square in 1989 was temporarily halted by one man who dared to face-down a Chinese tank. It’s an image that captured a century-defining moment of reckless defiance against the tyranny of communism.

This lone rebel, in another photo taken moments prior, was seen walking calmly through the frenzied, fleeing mob. He walked towards the enemy, and then stood unarmed, directly in the path of the advancing tanks. The lead tank tried to swerve around him, but he repeatedly sidestepped into its path with defiant, yet, non-violent hand gestures. Rather than crush the young man, the tank eventually stopped its engine.

The peaceful protester climbed onto the hull of the lead tank, crawled under the tank gun to the driver’s hatch, and, on live television, was seen talking to the driver. It is reported that he demanded the tank commander, “Leave my city. You have no right to kill my people!” More

Street Lights

Street Lights taketwoThere are certain things we are used to seeing in our village.  People heading out for the day’s fishing, a few kids getting a ride to the school 10 miles away, ever-present roosters searching for their breakfast and of course wandering dogs.  Nothing new.  Thats the rhythm of life here.  It’s a nice rhythm that doesn’t beat to the drum of a clock.

So it was a break from the ordinary running into a man we usually have conversations with named *Ur.  Running into him wasn’t strange, but seeing him hoist a ladder up to a street light was.  As we quizzed him about this unusual event, we found out that the street light was broken.  In fact, all of the street lights were broken.  This was very surprising to me, since the village only received power 4 years ago. More