The Picture of Unity

the-picture-of-unity-bularWhether you are a member of a local church or a cross-cultural missionary, we all must hold to one essential truth from the Word of God. The truth is that we must be a unified body of believers. This holds true if we are a church member in America or if we are 10,000 miles away working on a church planting team in the jungles.

We can see from the book of Ephesians and especially from Ephesians chapter 4:1-16 that the Apostle Paul is very concerned about the unity of the church. As Christians, we must be unified because unity is one of the outward ways in which we demonstrate Christ to the lost world. If we are disunifed and fighting with one another, the lost world will see the wrong picture of Christ. We can see from several passages in the Bible that we serve a unified triune God. As His image-bearers we must try to replicate this unity as best we can. More

“Hey, That’s My Language!”

hey-thats-my-language-holloway“Hey, that’s my language!” said a local villager as he sat outside our medical and dental clinic listening to the New Testament in his native Zapotec language for the first time in his life. In fact, this was the first time anyone in “People SMQ” (about 5,000 people who live in four neighboring villages) heard the Word of God in their “heart language.” Many have, perhaps heard small bits and pieces in Spanish (their second language) but never in their “heart language.” Why is hearing in one’s “heart language” important you may ask? One village put it like this, “I have heard some of the Bible in Spanish before but when I hear the Bible in Zapotec it sticks because Zapotec is in my blood.” More